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The mice play when the cat is away


What were the Mao Buddies thinking when they exploded a socket bomb at the US Information Centre in Kathmandu in 2005? It spooked the Americans so badly they withdrew the Peace Corps from Nepal. So, six years later, Financial Minister Rain Man Pun goes to Washington DC and says Nepal will benefit from the return of the Peace Corps. So, um, why did we fight that war, again?

The uncertainty over the future of the Constituent Assembly seems to be taking its toll on the honourable members who are venting their frustration on the furniture. On Sunday, members ran amok and broke microphones. They can have so much fun and even get paid to do it, no wonder they are so mad at the Supreme Court for playing spoil sport.

The mice play when the cat is away. With most Kathmandu-based dips and donors away on extended holiday till next year, organisers of bunds have sneakily announced shutdowns in various parts of the country, hoping the embassies will not notice and put them on their visa black lists. One group has even threatened a strike for January first. What a great way to start Nepal Investment Year 2012-13.

Baddie hardliners had a secret conclave the other day somewhere over the western sector, and Comrade God came up with a list of 15 gripes against PKD, which included stealing from Baddie guerrillas to build high-rises. Quite a few eyebrows have reportedly been raised in party circles over the highest high-rise on the airport road named after Com Lotus Flower's daddy, Mukti.

The meeting also decided to sabotage every session of the CA from here on to prevent a new constitution from being drafted. House Chairman Name Bang and PM BRB have got wind of this, which is why they are desperate to get the Supreme Court to lift its ruling on further extensions. But they doth protest too much. Those who are speaking out most vocally against the Supremo Court are also the ones who have no intention of finishing the new constitution.

We would like to list the names Baddie comrades are calling each other these days but are constrained by the Anti-Pornography Legislation and the fact that there maybe unsupervised minors reading this. Tovarish CP probably thought he was flinging the gravest insult on Chairman Flabbergasting by calling him an "NGO administrator". But PKD apparently took that as a compliment because it signified recognition that he is the titular head of the Lumbini Development Trust. Then fellow-Gajurel, Comrade Horrible, heaped what he thought was another unspeakable slur on Chairman Superman by calling him a "Buddhist". In the Maoist Lexicon of Rude Words (Peking Foreign Languages Press, 1971) that is like calling someone a "running dog lackey of capitalist imperialism, a bourgeois traitor to the proletariat, a revanchist idler and Trotskyite fascist hyena". But PKD was not only unfazed, he was thrilled to bits.

With all this name calling, many of you must be wondering why the party hasn't split yet. Been wondering about that myself. Apparently it is because the hardluck faction just can't muster the minimum of 95 out of the 239 CA seats for the party to officially bifurcate. So it has now come down to Baddie factions extorting each other, beating each other to pulp up over contracts, closing down each others' radio stations.

And few noticed the tiny news item buried in the inside pages this week that the Maobuddies in govt have doled out legit license plates to all the stolen Scorpios and Boleros with green and yellow plates that their Central Committee members used to drive around in. But get this: all the stolen cars will be exempt from taxes and this has cost the govt 27 karods in lost revenue.

If Mohamad can't come to the mountain, then the mountain will move to Mohamad. That is exactly what has happened to Victorious Bachelor who has been summoned to Beijing for a chat over the scuttled visit by Premier Wen. Although he is being wined, dined and fattened like a sacrificial piglet, Gutch is apparently being forced to note down bullet points about how to curb Tibetan protests in KTM.

And so what if Wen didn't come, Nepal has just established diplomatic relations with the Solomon Islands.

1. who cares
YOU'VE BEEN MARKED! A building in Lazimpat is marked for demolition as part of a road expansion campaign by the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division and the Kathmandu Valley Town Development Committee. The the campaign is expected to cost around Rs 450 million.

"expected to cost around Rs 450 million."
to rebuilt (total) or just to demolish. 

a few months back, i called this bhatterai- destructive mind. another proof... he destroyed lots of infrastructure during the war but never rebuilt them... he destroyed nepal's economy during his finance ministry, 

now he is exposing earth in the name of widening road (its not like i do not support road expansion but if they dont build it in time, it will only make it dusty and muddy in a few months).. he only knows how to destroy.

2. who cares
looks like nepalis do not mind being looted.. .. they may not even have a clue that they are being looted. bhattarai is the biggest looter in nepali history.Â

3. Kale Rai
Create an ideology and you can have the mandate to kill, extort, plunder or do anything. The end justifies the means. Marxist Communists are the lords and they have their manifestos. Viva Communism Nepali Styl;e.

4. Kale Dai
They don't know even to design a foot- path that is pedestrian friendly. They have again constructed foot-paths that drops a foot at every entrance to any building as you find everywhere.
 The Japanese grant project made footpath friendly to old persons or invalids at every house entrance by providing ramps or adjusting slopes.
Can't our town-planners, engineers or architects learn from these examples?

5. aroona verma
surprised that kathmandu people who united and stood for the democracy are today not uniting when the houses of the kathmandu people are demolished ..those people will be effected economically and socially......where are sentiments of kathmandu for their people gone? lured just like the rural people by the maoists of rural development? by destroying the houses of people, they would just go away ........after all they do not know how long they would survive..stop the demolition...people we need law and order.......(whether traffic or anything) not road expansion at the cost of human displacement in kathmandu....where these people go?sad sad.......the kathmandu people who protested when indian actor said something about nepal today are not protesting when the kathmandu is looted by the bloody moists..One by one they will is your who knows..knock the maoists

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)