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Battle of 'true' Marxists, Nagarik

While rest of the world functions on the basis of merit, our leaders in Nepal are still trying to grab power through money and might. The Maoists too are holding on tight to Lenin and Mao's outdated philosophies of 'cultural revolution' and 'people's government'. However these leaders would do well to learn from the fate of Gaddafi and Gyanendra who tried to dictate their will on the people and perished.

Marx always favoured a strong government kept under control by the people and emphasised the importance of freedom. But who are today's 'true' communists inspired by? Peru's Gonzalo?

And how long will Nepalis have to sacrifice their future because influential people are choosing guns over development? If we allow parties to bargain their way to power all the time it won't be long when leaders of armed separatist groups such as Jay Krishna Goit start twisting arms and demanding a second integration.

Tejbilash Adhikari, Letter to Editor in Nagarik, 16 April

It is sad to see an intellectual like Subodh Pyakurel making such superficial comments and taking a moral high ground on violence. Since he has good things to say about late UML leader Madan Bhandari, what does he have to say about Jhapa's bloody movement in the early 1970s?

As a devout Marxist and ex-UML leader, I am sure Pyakurel is aware of the ongoing class struggle and that movements turn violent only when they are suppressed. It is because of such struggles that Nepalis like you and me are now citizens of a republic. And comparing these revolutions with Goit's activities is highly unacceptable.
Mr Pyakurel, when you talk about Nepalis sacrificing their future, I am not sure which Nepali you are referring to, because a majority of them did not have any future back then.

Also to claim that thousands of janajatis and dalits picked up guns on the insistence of one party is a failure of your imagination. Are you trying to imply that we Nepalis are simply 'cattle class' who cannot think for ourselves?