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Torpor and turpitude

#675 ( 27 September - 3 October )


#674 ( 20 - 26 September 2013 )
The more things change, the more they remain the same

The election mirage

#673 ( 13 - 19 September 2013 )

Skeletons in the closet

#672 ( 6-12 September 2013 )

Frozen grief

#671 ( 30 August-5 September )
Not having a missing relative present is ever-present pain for families of the thousands who were disappeared during the conflict

For a fistful of dollars

#670 ( 23-29 August 2013 )
Some of the economic challenges Nepal faces are beyond our control, but many of them are a direct result of our own incompetence

Moral bankruptcy

#669 ( 16-22 August 2013 )
If you want to understand why Nepal is still poor, there is your reason. With this kind of plunder and impunity, the country doesn’t stand a chance

Getting cold feet

#668 ( 9-15 August 2013 )
For a party to refuse to go to the polls because it may not fare well, undermines democracy and its own credibility

Economy, stupid

#667 ( 2-8 August 2013 )
Nepal cannot afford to wait till it straightens out its politics to rescue the economy


#666 ( 26 July-1 August 2013 )
Elections will focus everyone’s minds on the future, a future that most politicians seem reluctant to face

Back to the people

#665 ( 19-25 July 2013 )
The good news from public opinion polls is that Nepalis haven’t given up on the parties, but they will not vote for crooks and liars from the past

The election solution

#664 ( 12-18 July 2013 )
If the parties are going to decide everything anyway, what is the point of having a large and expensive Constituent Assembly

No supply, only demands

#663 ( 5-11 July 2013 )
A free market is governed by the law of supply and demand. In Nepal we have only the law of demand: unscrupulous businesses demanding the right to cheat consumers

Man made disasters

#662 ( 28 June-4 July 2013 )
Let’s not blame nature, the real disaster is the failure of governance that leads to lack of preparedness

Poll vault

#661 ( 21-27 June 2013 )
The government and EC must be firm, but flexible, to bring the boycotters to the fold

Impatient patients

#660 ( 14-20 June 2013 )
Politicians may think they have more pressing matters in their hands, but the poor state of healthcare is symptomatic of massive political failure

The economy needs oxygen

#659 ( 7-13 June 2013 )
Recent history shows that authoritarians have been the main enemies of the environment

Between a rock and a hard place

#658 ( 31 May - 6 June 2013 )
Nepal’s political players should finally learn that the only way to reduce outside interference is to put our own house in order

Unfinished business

#657 ( 24-30 May 2013 )
Wars leave a mess, it’s up to the warriors to clean it up when they stop fighting

Watching the watchdog

#656 ( 17-23 May 2013 )
The new auditor general can counter balance the controversial appointment of a new CIAA head
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