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Yam Gurung on Thinking the unthinkable :
Wish we has a leader who really care for Nepal and the people???.......

Ravi Sharma on Thinking the unthinkable :
NTU's ground-breaking study warns of more great quakes in the HimalayasA research team led by scientists from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has discovered that massive earthquakes in the range of 8 to 8.5 magnitudes on the Richter scale have left clear ground scars in the central Himalayas.This ground-breaking discovery has huge implications for the area along the front of the Himalayan Mountains, given that the region has a population density similar to that of New York City.NTU Professor Paul Tapponnier, who is recognised as a leading scientist in the field of neotectonics, said that the existence of such devastating quakes in the past means that quakes of the same magnitude could happen again in the region in future, especially in areas which have yet to have their surface broken by a temblor.Published recently in Nature Geosciences, a prestigious scientific journal, the study by NTU's Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS) and colleagues in Nepal and France showed that in 1255 and 1934, two great earthquakes ruptured the surface of the earth in the Himalayas. This runs contrary to what scientists have previously thought.Massive earthquakes are not unknown in the Himalayas, as quakes in 1897, 1905, 1934 and 1950 all had magnitudes between 7.8 and 8.9, each causing tremendous damage. But they were previously thought not to have broken the earth's surface - classified as blind quakes - which are much more difficult to track.However, Prof Tapponnier said that by combining new high resolution imagery and state of the art dating techniques, they could show that the 1934 earthquake did indeed rupture the surface, breaking the ground over a length of more than 150 kilometres, essentially south of the part of the range that harbours Mt Everest.This break formed along the main fault in Nepal that currently marks the boundary between the Indian and Asian tectonic plates - also known as the Main Frontal Thrust (MFT) fault.Using radiocarbon dating of offset river sediments and collapsed hill-slope deposits, the research team managed to separate several episodes of tectonic movement on this major fault and pin the dates of the two quakes, about 7 centuries apart."The significance of this finding is that earthquakes of magnitude 8 to 8.5 may return at most twice per millennium on this stretch of the fault, which allows for a better assessment of the risk they pose to the surrounding communities," said Prof Tapponnier.Prof Tapponnier warns that the long interval between the two recently discovered earthquake ruptures does not mean people should be complacent, thinking that there is still time before the next major earthquake happens in the region."This does not imply that the next mega-earthquake in the Himalayas will occur many centuries from now because we still do not know enough about adjacent segments of the MFT Mega-thrust," Prof Tapponier explains."But it does suggest that areas west or east of the 1934 Nepal ground rupture are now at greater risk of a major earthquake, since there are little or no records of when last earth shattering temblor happened in those two areas."The next step for Prof Tapponnier and his EOS scientists is to uncover the full extent of such fault ruptures, which will then allow them to build a more comprehensive model of earthquake hazard along the Himalayan front.Source:

Paul Krugman on Abdicating state obligation:
When are the people of Nepal going to rise up in arms and violence against the Maoists? The "true people" of Nepal could easily crush the Maoists and essentially lynch their leaders. I think that is the only way to deal with this group. What will it take for the people to act? Time is being wasted .........

Animal Nepal on

Yeok Teck

At Animal Nepal we fully agree with your take on Yeok Teck. We love this place for its food and promote it wherever we go (contrary to Ruby Tuesday we do love the mock meat!). However, we do wish the owners would improve the interior design. Kathmandu badly needs inspiring, well designed vegetarian restaurants. (Organic) vegetarian food increasingly is the choice of critical consumers. Any adventurous enterpreneurs out there? ....

DWI on Testing screens :
Wouldn't it be nice if the doctor also gave some insight into where these tests are currently available in Nepal and the procedures for a citizen to procure these tests?....

Sonam Ghale on LED there be light :
Government should encourage Residential Solar Installation. Provide tax free and incentives to install solar which is good for environment as well as cure for load sharing.  ....

Naresh, Fire Fighter on Thinking the unthinkable :
It is very interesting article. Thank you. I would like to request journalists to write article on local risks. In everyday we response 5-7 fire events in the city. None of our government officers and international NGOs and UN agencies have given priority for Fire prevention and local risk reduction.  In our opinion ( fire-fighters of Nepal), comprehensive disaster management programme should focus to reduce daily risk and hazards and we can plan for sudden disaster like earthquake. I am not educated in aboard but from my job I know what risk in the city here is at Kathmandu.   in earthquake resistant schools at Kathmandu, building might be ( i am not sure even that because the materials used to construct  the building is not properly quality controlled in Nepal) resistant , how about evacuation route , fire drill and open space around the school ? none of experts based at Nepal have raised these issues. Naresh One of the fire fighters of KMC  ....

Kony on Abdicating state obligation:
Sharp-edged, hard-hitting editorial. No nonsense.....

burberry outlet on Transboundary jurisdiction :
Let's basically hope all the sound level of quality isn't when horridly torturous when that found on Beats-branded headphones. burberry outlet

Rajaram Singh on Transboundary jurisdiction :
Gefest ist nicht gefest.Baburam qualifies to head a Neo-Nazi party of Nepal .He has a fascist mind set . His statements  are crystal clear towards that direction.....

Anonymous on Transboundary jurisdiction :
Let there be no surprise that even General Pinochet, the brutal Chilean dictator under the direct watch of whom thousands of Chileans were brutally murdered, maimed  or disappeared in the 1970's, was detained during his tour in Europe, on the request by the human rights organizations in Europe. If Nepal's position is to be restored as one of the civilized nations on earth, the war perpetrators must be brought under justice. No democracy can survive or prosper in eternal impunity under the perpetual fear of the war mongers. Only through proper Truth and Reconciliation process at home, like in South Africa, can fear be removed from the minds of citizens and healing be restored to the national psyche. The current coalition government under the Maoists and the Madhesi lost that precious window of opportunity-- first, they failed to draft the constitution under their watch; second, they failed to develop a mechanism to bring reconciliation. They have lost credibility both at home and abroad. Thanks to the human rights organizations in the UK, moral pressure has been once again exerted on the ruling political class of Nepal. Should the political elite class and the NA be not accountable to the people of Nepal?....

FunkyBuddha on Transboundary jurisdiction :
Transboundary jurisdiction sounds great but the asymmetry in its delivery is what should bother us. I would love to see George Bush and his poodle Tony Blair arrested in one of the 'third-world' countries for crimes against humanity. But then, who watches the watchmen?....

Krishna Bahadur on Transboundary jurisdiction :
This comment is going to be off the topic. Why should we cite events that occur in India? Why should we let India in our conversations? Not because I do not like India, just because I do not see India possesses ideals and solutions. Not just because India protected Prachanda and company, India is not honest even with its citizens. Example, India cannot defend why it does not want a UN investigation on the latest Indo-Pak dispute. Do not say 'bilateral issue.' If you are just and fare, you will not fear. If the Republic of India holds proofs to claim that Kashmir is its territory, India can show that to the world. That example demonstrates India's incapability to discard the notion of Bharat, because of which all the smaller nations of the region went through terrorisms and killings in the past, to move forward to address and solve its problems. Subjects irrelevant to the burning issues of the republic of India, such as rape, population size and failing to control population growth, criminals as MP, poverty and a significantly widening gap between the rich and the poor, etc, consume the bulk of India's political capital. ....

ke garne on Transboundary jurisdiction :
The national sovereignty argument in this case is totally bogus. When did national sovereignty come to mean the so-called "right" of one group of armed Nepali thugs (army leaders or Maoist radicals) to kill another group of Nepalis who happen to be unarmed and not a party to the conflict? Is that what national sovereignty has come mean these days? Yeah, right. We are lawless barbarians. We have the right to kill whoever we like. So leave us alone because, well, we have something called "national sovereignty." What a joke. Yes, Britain does have its share of human rights problems but, in this case, what they did to Lama is a good thing. From now on our murderous criminals will have to think twice before they decide to hack another civilian to pieces in front of family members or bury another journalist alive.  ....

Nirmal on Transboundary jurisdiction :
From when the murders  and brutality against human dignity has stopped to be prosecutable?! Since the peace process started and Nepal becomes New Nepal?! Those who are against the move with different excuses and pretexts should have realized by now that the general public are not burning Briitish flag and destroying the embassy because "the national pride" has been damaged as they are claiming. However, they are undressing the corrupt and criminal political class --as is the case of  Baburam Bhattarai with the spontaneous and firm protests against the Maoists in Dailekh-- who they think is the main hindrance to a peaceful  nepali society where principles of modern democracy are upheld. I'm begining to see that only the Nepali people --and not this criminal and corrupt ruling class of Nepal-- have the power to establish a peaceful and democratic Nepal by sweeping these netas who want to establish a kind of state which openly sponsors institutional criminality in name of reconciliation and safeguarding the peace process. ....

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