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Same advisers

Royal advisers paid too much attention to opinions when decisions needed to be made. That is why they couldn't save the monarchy. What is going to happen if these same men become the advisers of our new rulers? The Maoist leaders claim that power is with the people, but they too seem to want is to be worshipped for their own supremacy.
These are the people who've used their craftiness to turn kangresi and UML politicians into money-hungry monsters. Why have the Maoists appointed these same people as their advisors? In the past, politicians managed to travel, sometimes unnecessarily, across the world, courtesy of the state, the Maoists are doing the same showing what their real intentions may be. There's inconsistency between their revolutionary ideology and their behaviour. This has increased tension between comrades who slept, ate and fought together during the war. In the end, nothing changes. The people are beginning to think that the current government is just an extension of feudalism.