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I have been to Moksh countless times- to enjoy the music, watch plays, visit the yoga studio, buy books, at photo shoots and never have I had a meal there. Don't get me wrong- I had sampled the snacks to accompany the beer, but that was the extent of it. I didn't really think of Moksh as a place one went to dine and I can't stop beating myself up about all those lost eating opportunities.

Moksh was one of the first establishments in that stretch of Patan which has now been dubbed, to the great despair of local residents, Jhamel. Popular with both Nepalis and expats, it has been a favourite haunt for many. The compound offers not only good food (which I didn't know about) and excellent music- being the home base of 1974 AD- but has evolved into a hub for artistic, cultural and musical pursuits.

A lazy afternoon found me with nothing to do and time to kill- in my book the perfect reason to go eat. And am I glad that the powers that be guided me propitiously to Moksh. I walked in with no expectations and came out satiated and satisfied. The Bacon Wrapped Potato Sticks (Rs 250) and the Greek Salad (Rs 275) were adequate but nothing to write home to mama about.

My eloquence waits to describe the Rack of Lamb (Rs 800) - perfect cuts of Australian lamb served with steamed vegetables and rosemary sauce. My initial trepidation at ordering a dish that could go so wrong in so many ways turned out to be unfounded. Yes, it is lamb and therefore has a sharp rank taste to it that many Nepali palates accustomed to our emasculated khasis will take a little time getting used to. But Kiran Thapa, the head chef at Moksh, treats the ribs tenderly using dulcet tones so the meat is so soft, it falls off the bones. Moist, succulent and seasoned with just the right amount of rosemary- discernable but not overpowering- each bite is a gustatory extravagance.

The Banana CrÍpes were not the most appetising to look at and I turned my nose dismissively at the gratuitous amounts of freshly made white cream sauce that covered the crÍpes for being savoury and not appropriate for the dessert, but the sauce actually provides a very nice foil to the sweetness of the fruit and syrup; a piquant marriage of flavours.

Kiran sat down to have a little chat and informed us about how all the meat is imported from Thailand and the green produce sourced fresh from organic farms in Bhaktapur, that the Duck Breast with Mushroom Sauce and Beer Batterfish are the most ordered items from the continental menu. He talked about the food he prepares and listening to him you realise that cooking is more than just a job for him- it's his passion and the dishes are all the better for it.

He also told me about customers who keep coming back just for the fish and prawn specialties he conjures up using Indian spices that he serves with naans and rotis. Moksh, you know I will be back.

Enter Jhamsikhel road from the Pulchowk Fire Brigade, cross St Mary's School wall and look for a large signboard on the right. Enter the alley and go down the driveway.

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Those dishes do not look like an 8.5/10. This review is more advertorial than a review. Where is Waldo, I mean Marco Polo. There seems to be a huge discrepancy in the ratings. Ruby would probably give Nanglo a 8/10. 
This review is on par with Himalayan Times and rest. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)