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One month to go

#737 ( 19-25 December 2014 )
Politicians agree to agree, sending a sense of cautious optimism about the constitution, but they need to settle their power struggle first

Decentralised plunder

#736 ( 12-18 December 2014 )
The rent from Nepal’s rent-seeking state just went up

Superstructure bottleneck

#735 ( 5-11 December 2014 )
Investment in infrastructure is not enough, we have to invest in the structural problem of governance

Let’s get back to work

#734 ( 28 November-4 December 2014 )
Stop haggling over power-sharing, and let the people’s representatives find a way out of the constitution deadlock

SAARC’S raison d’être

#733 ( 21-27 November 2014 )
If the South Asian Summit helps us to finally start thinking regionally and acting locally, it will be a start

The second coming

#732 ( 14-20 November 2014 )
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has demonstrated his soft spot for Nepal, but for our future stability we cannot turn the clock back

Watching the watchdog

#731 ( 7- 13 November 2014 )
Just because an elected government displays unaccountability, it doesn’t mean that all the authority to prosecute alleged thieves is handed over to an unelected entity like the CIAA

Better safe than sorry

#730 ( 31 Oct - 6 Nov 2014 )
To clean up Kathmandu airport we first have to clean up Nepal’s politics

Post-mortem of a tragedy

#729 ( 24 - 30 October 2014 )
We know that our preparedness was disastrous, the question is how do we reduce the chances of needless casualties in future blizzards

Neither chicken nor duck

#728 ( 17-23 October 2014 )
What does the fee Indian cars need to pay to enter Nepal have to do with the price of tea in China?

Demography and democracy

#727 ( 10-16 October 2014 )
Federalism is looking fraught, it may be wiser to address exclusion in the new constitution but leave state restructuring for later

Death of justice

#726 ( 26 Sep - 2 Oct 2014 )
If the perpetrators and the state showed even the slightest sign of remorse for wartime atrocities, survivors may be willing to forgive. But they will never forget

Politics in a vacuume

#725 ( 19-25 September 2014 )
When identity, respect, recognition of injustices past are mixed with politics, it is best to tread carefully

Muddle-through economics

#724 ( 12-18 September 2014 )
Our politicians ignore the economy, and especially price rises, at their own peril

Among believers

#723 ( 5-11 September 2014 )
We should protect the right to religious freedom in the new constitution

Disastrous management

#722 ( 29 Aug - 5 Sept 2014 )
Nepal is woefully unprepared for calamities which are made even more deadly because of bad planning and poor response

Reckless federification

#721 ( 22-28 August 2014 )
It doesn’t take a Nobel laureate to see that Nepal is lop-sided and top-heavy in favour of dominant caste and ethnicities

An Evergreen Revolution

#720 ( 15-21 August 2014 )
The state’s (mis)treatment of small-hold family farmers keeps rural Nepalis poor, which is why hunger lingers

Calculated risk

#719 ( 8-14 August 2014 )
In the enthusiasm for infrastructure and hydroelectric projects, let’s not forget the dangerous geology of the Himalaya

Speaking truth to power

#718 ( 1 - 7 August 2014 )
It is not in India’s strategic interest to make Nepal poorer through unfair deals
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