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#717 ( 25-31 July 2014 )
The Indian economy can unlock Nepal's potential for growth.

Male and stale

#716 ( 18-24 July 2014 )
The UML election was not internal party democracy in action, but the politicisation of politics

The politics of everything

#715 ( 11-17 July 2014 )
Why carve up the country into supposedly autonomous states, when there is no economic base for that autonomy?

Contempt of freedom

#714 ( 4-10 July 2014 )
You don’t need a dictator to roll back democracy and shackle the media, elected demagogues are doing just fine.

Where is the peace dividend?

#713 ( 27 June - 3 July 2014 )
Nepal is doing well, but not quite well enough

Separation of state and temple

#712 ( 20-26 June 2014 )
When it rains in Delhi insecure politicians in Kathmandu unfurl their umbrellas

The ‘f’ word again

#711 ( 13-19 June 2014 )
Federalism is not about drawing boundaries but ensuring quality and prosperity

A Fossil Economy

#710 ( 6-12 June 2014 )
We cannot afford a business-as-usual strategy for economic growth because they are economically and politically not sustainable. A fossil economy will doom us

The right climate for change

#709 ( 30 May - 5 June 2014 )
Climate change crowds out all other crises, it is portrayed as a stand-alone problem whereas it is just another hardship that Nepal’s rural poor have to overcome

Hindu rate of growth

#708 ( 23-29 May 2014 )
There are parallels between the results of India’s election and Nepal’s Constituent Assembly polls in 2008

Getting away with murder

#707 ( 16-22 May 2014 )
‘He who defends a thief may be a bigger thief himself.’

Beggars and choosers

#706 ( 9-15 May 2014 )
It would be unfortunate if proponents of the status quo in a conservative state apparatus force donors to stop support for social justice issues

Just free

#705 ( 2-8 May 2014 )
World Press Freedom Day is a timely reminder for us in the Nepali media to protect the freedom to be fair.

Dangerous business

#704 ( 25 April - 1 May 2014 )
It is time the government set aside a more substantial portion of the fees it earns from Himalayan climbing to the welfare of workers who lay their lives on the line

Centre against periphery

#703 ( 18-24 April 2014 )
There is no political will for local elections among Kathmandu’s smug and self-absorbed rulers

Irreconcilable truths

#702 ( 11-17 April 2014 )
“You just can’t turn the page. You have to read that page before you turn it.”

Urgent need for a sense of urgency

#701 ( 4-10 April 2014 )
To say that the government is on autopilot would be inaccurate because that presumes it is on a pre-planned flight path

700 weeks

#700 ( 28 March-3 April 2014 )
We have had a ringside seat to the country’s ups and downs for the past 14 years

Mixing oil and water

#699 ( 21-27 March 2014 )
Flames of fossil-fueled vehicles set on fire by street terrorisers on Wednesday morning had to be doused with precious water

Cart before the horse

#698 ( 14-20 March 2014 )
When they should be busy drafting a constitution, honourable members wasted three weeks haggling over who should take credit for promulgating it
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