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The Impossible

#756 ( 1-7 May 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A lesson that can be learnt from this film is that of basic humanity asserting itself, or not, during natural disasters

Song of the Sea

#755 ( 24-30 April 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A sweet film that lacks just a little cohesion in its story


#754 ( 17-23 April 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Infinite possibility is why 'Wild' is a successful film

Furious 7

#753 ( 10-16 April 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Far from a perfect film but it may become a cult classic


#752 ( 3-9 April 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A classic sci-fi with a storyline involving 5D space


#751 ( 27 March - 2 April 2015 )
Sophia Pande
As with most fairy tales, this is one for the children, with a few hilarious extras thrown in for us adults who yearn for those days when we believed in happy endings

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

#750 ( 20-26 March 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A Japanese delight which is set to become another Studio Ghibli classic

Big Hero 6

#749 ( 13-19 March 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A charming film for kids but also worthwhile for adults

Kingsman: The Secret Service

#748 ( 6-12 March 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Hilarious but sometimes also oddly serious

Oscar snubs and good TV

#747 ( 27 Feb-5 Mar 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Oscars’ disappointments and TVshows that should not go unwatched

Magic in the Moonlight

#745 ( 13-19 February 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Colin Firth and Emma Stone will charm you thoroughly


#745 ( 20-26 February 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Bhaskar Dhungana’s first feature movie has all thes sophistications of a well-made film

Song One

#744 ( 6-12 February 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A clumsy and noticeably dark romantic comedy


#743 ( 30 Jan-5 Feb 2015 )
Sophia Pande
The chilling documentary that helps understanding the impact of Snowden’s revelations

John Wick

#742 ( 23-29 January )
Sophia Pande
A highly anticipated, yet disappointing, action flick with art-house pretensions

The Imitation Game

#741 ( 16-22 January 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A historical thriller on the man who helped deciphering the “Enigma” machine during World War II

Into the Woods

#740 ( 9-15 January 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Into the Woods collapses four beloved tales by the Grimm Brothers into one unholy, fairly incomprehensible mega fairy tale

The Clouds of Sils Maria

#739 ( 2-8 January 2015 )
Sophia Pande
A cool clever script for a true film of the art-house

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

#738 ( 26 Dec 2014 -1 Jan 2015 )
Sophia Pande
Peter Jackson stays true to Tolkien’s work, while bowing perhaps just a little to Hollywood’s avarice

The Theory of Everything

#737 ( 19-25 December 2014 )
Sophia Pande
An inspiring and insightful life story about the revered Stephen Hawking's journey through ALS
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Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : Mustsee
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