Earthquke Preparedness


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The high life

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Sahina Shrestha
The earthquake hasn’t deterred families living in tall apartments from living there

Disaster geopolitics

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Sharad Ghimire and Tom Robertson
The devastating flood of 1954 first exposed Nepal to the geopolitics of natural disasters

Even more secluded sanctuary

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Rinzin Norbu Lama
The earthquake and monsoon have made Tsum Valley more difficult to reach

Blazing new trails in the monsoon

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Some international mountaineers stayed on in Nepal after their expeditions were cancelled to help with quake relief

Female refugees of Nepal’s earthquake

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Karma Gurung
A new wave of outmigration of Nepali women desperate to earn cash to rebuild family homes

Caring in Kavre

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Peregrine Frissell
Earthquake-related injuries have been replaced by pre-existing ailments

Parasitic parastatals

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Om Astha Rai
Parastatals making huge losses is no surprise. What is surprising is that they have been allowed to do so for so long

Back-stopping rescue

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
ICIMOD’s behind-the-scenes help with location and weather information was critical in increasing the reliability of earthquake rescue and relief flights


#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Nepali Times publishes archives of Yakyetiyak cartoon strip by Miku which was carried every week between 2001-2002

The lost decade-and-half

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Om Astha Rai
There has to be a whole new way to governance if we are to graduate as planned from the status of a Least Developed Country (LDC) by 2022

Covering the Maoists

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Deepak Thapa
The danger for the Maoists is of becoming irrelevant in the new political environment

Cheeky, provocative

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Anagha Neelakantan
May a diverse clutch of clever, witty, young writers always find room under Nepali Times's tent

Girls who’ll run the world

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Trishna Rana
Men far outnumber us, but we are the future editors and publishers of this country

Preparing to be prepared

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
A selection of coverage from the last 15 years of Nepali Times of the need for earthquake preparedness

Will the AIIB work?

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Kenneth Rogoff
With China’s growing importance in the world order, it needs to be given space to forge its own approach to global economic leadership

Gurkhas at Gallipoli - 4

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
David Seddon
This is the fourth installment of a series of flashbacks of the involvement of Gurkhas in the First World War

Who is against zero-cost migration and why?

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Om Astha Rai
Labour recruiters are protesting their right to keep on cheating poor Nepali migrant workers

The Tamang epicentre

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Santa Gaha Magar
The death toll from the earthquake been put at 8,844 by now, with 3,012 of them members of the Tamang community.

The sun to the rescue

#765 ( 3-9 July 2015 )
Kishor Rimal
Rural solar systems will not just help quake survivors meet immediate power needs, but also help us build a renewable energy future

Girl talk: period

#765 ( 3-9 July 2015 )
Anjana Rajbhandary
More than 20% of girls miss school during their period finds a new study
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