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Dashed hopes, Kantipur

After his successful tenure as the finance minister in the previous Maoist government, everyone had high expectations from Baburam Bhattarai when he was elected as prime minister last August. However, the recent turn of events have raised serious doubts over his leadership abilities. The list of incidents that have tarnished his 'clean' image is long:

March 18: Health Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav gets intoxicated and misbehaves at a hospital. The same day, secretaries from different ministries threaten to tender a collective resignation citing unnecessary pressures from the ministers.
March 16: The government decides to grant 2 million rupees to the Everest expedition team led by Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal's son Prakash and nominates PM Bhattarai's daughter Manusi as a member of Cricket Association of Nepal.
March 14: Irrigation Minister misbehaves with Secretary Brinda Hada.
March 13: Government staff clash at the Home Ministry following the controversial transfer issue.
March 6: Tourism Minister Lokendra Bista is arrested by immigration officers at Abu Dhabi Airport for travelling without a visa to Germany.
February 27: Government decides to withdraw cases against 367 people involved in serious crimes.
February 21: Communication Minister Jayaprakash Gupta is imprisoned over corruption charges.
February 19: Government does not celebrate Democracy Day.
January 26: Government validates decisions made by the 'people's court' on lands captured during the conflict. The Supreme Court puts a stay order on the decision.
January 19: After an initial increase in October 10, there is yet another hike in petroleum price.
January 8: Home Ministry decides to grant citizenship to children based on ancestry. The Supreme Court issues a stay order.
December 27: Health Secretary Sudha Sharma resigns over differences with Minister Rajendra Mahato.
December 20: China postpones Premier Wen Jiabao's visit to Nepal citing 'internal reasons'. Government decides to mass recruit 3,000 Madhesis in to the Nepal Army, but the Supreme Court issues a stay order.
December 4: Education Secretary Shanker Poudel resigns after the illegal transfer of officers.
November 13: The number of ministers in the cabinet reaches 49. Bhattarai says he doesn't recognise all of them.
November 8: The prime minister appeals to the president to grant amnesty to lawmaker Balkrishna Dhungel who was sentenced to life imprisonment
October 21: The government signs a BIPPA deal with India. Bhattarai says the agreement is a gamble.
September 26: Defence Minister Saradsingh Bhandari claims that 22 districts in the Tarai might secede. An arrest warrant is issued against Land Reform Minister Prabhu Shah by Birgunj Police for murder allegations. The prime minister suspends both ministers on October 19.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)