A tale of two brides in Laapataa Ladies

Getting lost helps women find their individual selves in a universal tale of women making their space in the patriarchal world

Pinki Sris Rana

Hindutva juggernaut hits a speed bump

Message to Nepal’s leaders: mixing politics with religion does not work and voters will see through it all

Shreya Paudel

Shattering stereotypes in a hangar

Samjhana Sidale does not work as an aircraft technician to prove people wrong, but to build an identity

Saving Humla from heritage loss

A school in Nepal’s remotest district hopes to reverse youth outmigration and protect local culture

Benjamin Zimmerman

When yaks go, so does culture

Yak herds decline due to lifestyle changes, the climate crisis and outmigration

Tanka Dhakal in Syangboche

Nepalis dying in someone else's war

The stories of these 22 Nepalis in the Russian Army killed in Ukraine have the same plot

Sagar Budhathoki


Nepal is undermining international goodwill and losing revenue by driving out long-staying foreigners

Sonia Awale

Democracy’s discontents

Populism is a wake-up call for Nepal’s parties to mend their ways.


The kingdom within a republic

Mustang’s king grapples with the impact of climate breakdown and other challenges

Durga Rana Magar in Mustang