Air passengers at mercy of winter delays

Airlines are not to blame when poor visibility due to pollution closes Nepal’s airports

Nepali Times

Patan heritage in fantasy fiction

Cultural expert uses novel technique to reacquaint us with Kathmandu Valley civilisation

Trishagni Sakya

Migrant worker teaches others the ropes

His foreign trainees were surprised he was from a landlocked country that has no oil rigs

Rudra Bahadur Gurung

Mobile rule makes Nepal immobile

Confusion about new Mobile Device Management System angers visitors

Aïsha MacDougall

Not climate smart

Countries are watering down commitments for fossil fuel phase-out at COP28 in Dubai, and this means future infrastructure in the Himalaya will...

Sonia Awale

University for a new Nepal

Ambitious foray into science and technology research avoids pitfalls like political interference

Kunda Dixit in Makwanpur

Retelling Gurkha history

Paying artistic homage to the lives of wives Nepalis left behind when they went to war

Pinki Sris Rana

Loss and Damage as a Common Climate Cause

Countries like Bangladesh are not as critical of the UAE hosting COP28, hoping it will fund compensation when the West has fallen short

Naveeda Khan in Baltimore

Graves of Nepali soldiers in Russia

Families of Nepali soldiers killed in action on the Ukraine front in shock as pictures of their graves appear online

Jibraj Chalise in Kapilvastu