Dhulikhel blanketed with snow

The hills of Dhulikhel near Kathmandu have turned white for the second time this year, as snow fell all night around Kathmandu. The last time it snowed in Kathmandu was in 2007, twelve years ago. Snow has blanketed other areas around Kathmandu like Chandragiri, Nagarkot, Dhading, and Makwanpur.

With spring overdue, winter has overstayed its welcome in Nepal this year. But the unexpected snow has made citizens happy, who are seen reveling and playing in snow.

There has also been snowfall in mountain areas due to the influence of west winds. Meteorologists predict that there will be rainfall all through Thursday and the weather will start clearing from Friday morning.

Photos: Bharat Bandhu Thapa


Rara's rare beauty, Bharat Bandhu Thapa

 Frozen Shivapuri, Min Ratna Bajracharya

Snowbound Rara

Rara's rare beauty

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