Consumer price inflation

The year-on-year consumer price inflation remained at 7.88% in mid-February as compared to 6.24% in the same period last year. Food and beverage inflation stood at 6.19% whereas non-food and service inflation increased to 9.22%. The price index of restaurants and hotels increased by 15.24%, cereal grain by 12.39%, tobacco products by 10.83%, alcoholic drinks by 8.78% and spices by 8.04%. Transportation was up by 15.58%, health by 10.39%, housing and utilities by 9.78%. Kathmandu recorded the highest inflation rate increase at 8.47%. The consumer price inflation remained at 7.82% for Tarai, 7.30% for Hill and 7.92% for Mountain regions. The government’s goal is to limit inflation at below 7% this fiscal year.

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