Indian disaster relief

Two Indian Air Force C-130 aircraft landed at Nepalganj airport with consignment of over 20 tonnes of emergency tents and tarpaulin sheets, blankets and sleeping bags as well as essential medicines and medical equipment for Karnali earthquake. Indian Ambassador Naveen Srivastava handed over the material to Deputy Prime Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka. India had also played a first responder after the 2015 earthquake dispatching six helicopters for rescue and relief.

Meanwhile, Nabil Bank has donated Rs10 million of relief materials for Jajarkot earthquake survivors, and handed them to the District Disaster Management Committee in Jajarkot. NMB Bank is donating Rs5 million for the Prime Minister's Disaster Relief Fund to support survivors in Jajarkot which was struck by a 6.4M tremor last Friday. At least 157 people have died, most of them children and women while hundreds of others are injured. Unilever Nepal is also rushing a consignment of Horlicks, soups, medicine and medical aid, 700 blankets, 250 tents, and additional dried food procured locally.