Turkey open to travel for Nepalis

Turkey has announced that it is ending travel restrictions for Nepal, making way for Nepalis to travel to the nation from 15 November.  Travellers will need to follow Covid safety protocols,  including presenting a negative PCR test taken up to 48 hours before arrival.  Additionally, travellers will also need to certify that they have been fully vaccinated against Covid  at least 14 days before flying with a vaccine approved by the WHO.

Passengers who are not able to present a proof of vaccination will need to follow quarantine protocols in Turkey for 10 days, after which they will be subject to a PCR test.

Meanwhile, travellers between the ages 12 and 18 will be exempt from PCR test and proof of vaccination on entry to Turkey, but will need to present a negative PCR test report before arrival.

Travellers can fly to to Turkey via Turkish Airlines Kathmandu, which currently operates weekly four flights to Istanbul.