Awareness high among Nepalis about virus

Despite low literacy rate, nearly all Nepalis are aware of the coronavirus pandemic, and seem to be able to accurately describe safety measures.  A survey carried out by Sharecast Initiative last week among nearly 1,500 people all over the country showed that 98% had heard of the disease. When asked what measures they should take to protect themselves from being infected, they all knew about wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and keeping physical distance. COVID-19 revives Nepal's WASH drive, Sonia Awale
A survey shows that Nepalis are aware about on the preventive measures of COVID-19.
The survey above presents a data on people's awareness on the symptoms of COVID-19.
They also knew about the symptoms like coughing, sore throats and fever. Asked where they got their information from, they mentioned radio, television and Facebook in that order.  Although 62% of the respondents said they thought the government was doing a good job to tackle the epidemic, two-thirds of them admitted they were afraid of the disease. 

Nearly 60% of Nepalis said people in their locality were fully complying with the lockdown

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