Nepalis from Hubei quarantined in Bhaktapur

Nepal Airlines Airbus 330 took off from Kathmandu to Wuhan on 15 February. Photo: BIKRAM RAI

175 Nepali students from Hubei province in China, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak have been evacuated and are now being monitored for symptoms of the infection at the quarantine zone in Kharipati, Bhaktapur.

Nepal Airlines Airbus 330 had taken off on February 15 from Kathmandu for Wuhan to bring back 185 Nepali students stranded in Hubei for 1 month. Six students with fever were left behind for hospitalisation in Wuhan. Four chose not to come back.

Of the 69,110 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 1,669 people have died and 9,419 have recovered. Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and France have  each recorded one death. The French case, a Chinese tourist, reported on Saturday, was the first outside of Asia. The single patient detected in Nepal, also a student in Wuhan who came home last month, has recovered and has been discharged.

Photos: Monika Deupala and RSS.

Nepali studentsin Hubei on their way to the airport in Wuhan. Photo: RSS

A Nepali student in Hubei posts a photo on Twitter after settling at the quarantine centre.

Quarantine centre at Kharibot, Bhaktapur being cleaned before arrival of the students. Photo: RSS

A Nepal Airlines Airbus 330 landed at 3:30AM at Kathmandu with 175 Nepali students from Hubei province. Six students with fever were left behind for hospitalisation in Wuhan. Photo: BIKRAM RAI

Nepali students on their way to the quarantine centre in Bhaktapur after landing in Kathmandu Airport on Sunday morning. Photo: RSS

Security force on duty prepared for the arrival of Nepali students at the quarantine centre. Photo: MONIKA DEUPALA

Quarantine Centre at Kharibot, Bhaktapur at night. Photo: MONIKA DEUPALA

Security guards on watch at the quarantine centre on Sunday morning. Photos: MONIKA DEUPALA

Room for Nepalis at the quarantine centre. Photo: RSS

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