Cool home cocktails

Khukri Rum is 60 years young, and is reinventing itself this summer with three new versions of the world famous Nepali alcohol brand.

Nepal Distilleries is one of the country’s first modern alcohol producers with three varieties of rum: Khukri XXX Rum, Coronation Rum and Khukri Spice Rum so aficionados can concoct simple but refreshing rum cocktails at home.

‘Rum in the sun? Sounds crazy, tastes awesome’ is the tagline of Khukri XXX Rum, and it seems Nepal Distillery is trying to remove the notion that rum is only a winter drink consumed to beat the cold, but can be enjoyed all year round.

Among the three seasonal rum cocktails are Khukri Lemon Fizz which rum fans would never guess was made with rum: the lemon juice blends with the rum and Sprite to give it a refreshing taste. Prepared with lemon juice, 7Up/Sprite, a slice of lemon and ice over Khukri Rum, it is easy to prepare at home.

Khukri Cola is said to be the best option of the three for cola lovers, and looks like a fancy cola garnished with lemon. Prepared with Khukri Rum, cola, lemon juice, ice and a slice of lemon to top it off, the fizz adds to its uplifting character.

The easiest to prepare is Khukri Ginger Ale, which is similar to the Lemon Fizz but with a stronger ginger flavour. Khukri Ginger Ale is prepared with Khukri Rum, ginger ale and ice cubes.

The summer drinks were introduced at Trisara Restaurant in Lazimpat on 5 June and the company says the response has been positive. Last year, Nepal Distillery had introduced summer cocktails by bringing in two experienced bartenders to tailor-make designer cocktails using Khukri Rum.

Shuvash Lamichhane of Nepal Distilleries told Nepali Times: “Elsewhere, rum-based drinks are popular at all times of the year. But in Nepal we label it a ‘winter drink’ because it is supposed to warm up the body, even though it is a great drink for the summer too.”

Although the response from customers was positive, this summer Khukri wanted to simplify the drinks for people to enjoy at home. Nepal’s most famous rum award-winning rum is distilled from fermented molasses and kept in wooden vats to age for eight months. It is exported to Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, United States, Dubai and Australia.

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