Saving Humla from heritage loss

A school in Nepal’s remotest district hopes to reverse youth outmigration and protect local culture

The Thappad

How a 9-year-old was discouraged from learning English because of a slap

Anbika Giri

The Exceptional Buhari

The portrayal of the daughter-in-law in a story in a school textbook entrenches Nepal's patriarchy

Better care of care leavers

After leaving the shelters at age 18, young Nepalis get little support getting citizenship papers and jobs

Growing appetite for school lunches

But can the Nepal Government that has rolled out meals for students in 71 districts meet expectations?

Marty Logan

Covid undermines Nepal's mother-child gains

Despite periods of political and economic instability, Nepal achieved dramatic progress in maternal and child health in the early 2000s becoming an...

Edinburgh store comes full circle to Nepal

In the heart of Edinburgh near the Church of St John the Evangelist is One World Shop, a modest-looking store that sells goods from all over the...

Covid derails child development in Nepal

The Covid-19 worsened the disparities in young children’s development and learning in Nepal. One out of five Nepali children between the ages...

Art for a cause

More than 1,500 children in Nepal are diagnosed every year with some form of cancer. Many of them are treatable, but because...

The other pandemic: mental health

Children and young people across the world could feel the impact of Covid-19 on their mental health for many years even after the worst...

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