Turkey and Nepal face similar seismic risks

Nepal must prepare itself for overdue mega earthquake with retrofitting and better building codes

In a disastrous state

2015 was just a warning, a mega-quake is overdue in western Nepal, and we better start preparing for it

Sonia Awale

Earthquake vacates villages in Nepal

Almost every household in western Nepal has a family member working in India, and the 6.6 magnitude earthquake that shook the region...

Anita Bhetwal

Nepal’s mountains are melting

The development of glacial lakes from receding glaciers, contained by either terminal moraines or bedrock, is commonly linked with global warming since the end...

The history of heritage

Seven years ago, on a particularly gloomy Saturday, the ground groaned as an earthquake shook Central Nepal, flattening villages and killing thousands.Many...

Ashish Dhakal

The historic Kathmandu beneath our feet

In late December 2021, social and mainstream media in Nepal was abuzz with news of the discovery of a stone slab in...

Sahina Shrestha

Lessons still not learnt

Photos: BIKRAM RAI/NEPALI TIMESEarthquakes are inevitable in Nepal. It is not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. And ‘when’ was 2:28PM on...

Sonia Awale

Creation to destruction, then revival

The ancient town of Panauti is preparing for its once-in-12-years Makar Mela this month, a festival that dates back 1,000 years. Despite...

Kunda Dixit

Nepal sees spike in suicides during pandemic

Two years ago after going through a bad relationship, a 36-year-old Kathmandu-based doctor started getting suicidal thoughts. During the long months of...

Sonia Awale

Kathmandu loses its open spaces

The tragic death tolls from two recent earthquakes in the Greater Himalaya should give Kathmandu residents pause. Kashmir, 2005: more than 73,000....

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