Nepal's political economy

The new government's biggest challenge is to save Nepal's economy (and itself) from collapse.

2022: mandates, migrants and malaise

A year plagued by disasters and political crises, but also hope for the future

Culture cannot be an afterthought

Heritage and culture have been shunted from one ministry to another for 40 years, no one quite seems to know where to put them

Symbolic elections

Don’t be an ass. Get out and vote, even if it is for a serial politician who has been given the chance...

The Ass

The end of ideology in Nepal

On 7 October, Upendra Yadav’s Janta Samajwadi Party (JSP) a member of Nepal’s five-party governing coalition, switched sides and defected to an opposition alliance...

Inoculation against misinformation

As Nepal’s elections near, fact-checking, media literacy and monitoring can foster trust in public institutions

Affirmative inaction

Nepali Congress Joint General Secretary Mahalaxmi Upadhyay recalls how she missed a call from a journalist because she was attending an event.When...

Shristi Karki

After Balen, the Rabi Phenomenon

While mainstream political leaders in Kathmandu were vacillating on a date for the upcoming provincial and federal elections, one Ram Bahadur Biswokarma...

Deuba's mixed report card

On his first anniversary in office this month, Nepal’s five-time prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and his coalition governments get a mixed report card.Deuba came...

Symbolic symbols

Ang Kami Sherpa just broke his own record to climb Mt Everest for the 26th time last week. Also aspiring to be...

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