Avoiding the quicksand of social media

Lions in Africa have been known to use quicksand to trap prey. For example, it is when a wildebeest finds itself mired...

So you want to become an influencer?

How the obsession with becoming a social media trendsetter can have unintended consequences for young women everywhere

Anjana Rajbhandary

Nepal’s interface with information

A new survey of media trends in Nepal conducted nationwide earlier this year shows that the use of social media networks has...

Kunda Dixit

Internet in everything

The past two years have accelerated the trends already buffeting the media industry pre-Covid: migration of readers and advertisers from legacy to...

Worldlink with Khalti

WorldLink has introduced 600 Mbps internet, the fastest Internet package launched in Nepal so far. The company has announced that WorldLink's Internet...

Nepalis go bug-hunting on the web

Lucrative financial rewards and the expansion of Internet services  are driving a ‘bug-hunting’  bonanza among Nepali youth who  have time in their...

Lessons not learned from the pandemic

Nepal has squandered another opportunity to fix a defective education system

Covid crisis can spur digitisation

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the digitisation process of government services from telehealth to telework, online meetings to remote education. Rarely in...

The internet gag on Asia

Internet shutdowns have often been used by governments to clamp down on citizens, and the trend is becoming more common around the...

The internet : A land of free learning

As we approach one year since the first lockdown, let’s get back to being productive and learn online

Saniaa Shah
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