Unholy developments at holy sites

Corruption and commerce threaten World Heritage Site status of Lumbini and Pashupati

Alisha Sijapati

Lharkyal Lama’s Lumbini, Inc

Private developers with political patronage still trying to turn the Buddha’s birthplace into Disneyland

Saving Lumbini’s Sarus

Sacred cranes decline as urbanisation destroys their habitat at the Buddha’s birthplace

The Great Yawn

To make a country great again, one prerequisite is that citizens must respect their leader.The Chinese people hold President Xi Jinping in...

Ass s

“Leverage Lumbini’s soft power”

Michael Croft, UNESCO Representative to Nepal, spoke to Nepali Times on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti to discuss the development of Lumbini...

Where Siddhartha Gautam walked

Kapilvastu-Tilaurakot is 2,700 years old, and is the most well preserved archaeological site in South Asia

Protecting Lumbini’s rare cranes

The region around Lumbini is an important wildlife habitat, but is facing an imminent threat because of increases in industrial pollution, urbanisation...


On new year’s day, President Bidya Devi Bhandari inaugurated Visit Nepal Year 2020, aimed at attracting 2 million tourists this year, at...

15 points for and against Nijgad Airport

ForKathmandu airport is congested and saturated. It is now surrounded by the city and is not safe. Nepal urgently needs an alternative...

Lumbini Museum exhibition in Burma

President Bidya Devi Bhandari concluded her four-day state visit to Burma on 19 October by inaugurating an exhibition on Lumbini, a UNESCO...

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