Begnas going the way of Phewa

Pokhara’s lesser-known lake is at risk of ecological and livelihood impacts from motorboats

Two women in a boat and some tea

A dragon fly perches on the oar and she pauses briefly, lets it alight on a bundle of grass parked on the side of the boat, and then rows again

Pratibha Tuladhar

Pokhara’s China connection

The Chinese always had a soft spot for Pokhara that Pokhara has not taken adequate advantage of

Pokhara 800 years ago

New paper describes collapse of Annapurna 4 that created the terraces on which the city is located today

Kunda Dixit

Pokhara’s desperation and hope

Pokhara’s tourism revival depends on residents and entrepreneurs understanding the treasure they own

Pokhara bound flight crashes in Nepal

32 bodies recovered so far but rescue hampered by spectators

Paddy planting in Pokhara

National Paddy Planting Day or Dhan Diwas is a celebration across the country. It is an even bigger deal here in Pokhara...

Pokhara-Jomsom flight with 22 missing

https://youtu.be/OqgYSpyn4OEA Tara Air DHC-6 aircraft with 22 people on board is missing while on an early Sunday morning flight between Pokhara and...

Microchipping Nepal’s dogs

Nepal was declared an open defecation free zone for humans in 2019, but in Pokhara it is the dogs that are creating...

Aria Shree Parasai

3rd Covid wave infects Nepal’s frontliners

During the devastating second wave last year, hundreds of people were dying every day. Hospitals had run out of ICU beds and oxygen...

Sonia Awale
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