The new news age

The mainstream and online media have a voracious appetite for hard news because they need to keep feeding the beast. Press meets...

Sonia Awale

RSP quits Nepal coalition

Independent party leaves government after its ministers spent 19 days in office

Rabi Lamichhane is Home-less

Prime Minister Dahal’s refusal to hand back the Home Ministry to the RSP may be the tipping point for his fragile coalition

Shristi Karki

An unceremonious President

The election of president should not involve such wheeling-dealing, in the spirit of inclusion it is the turn of a respected Janjati or Dalit candidate.

The rise and fall of Rabi Lamichhane

Nepal’s Home Minister resigns after the Supreme Court rules he is not a Nepali citizen

Making overseas migration better

The RSP has a responsibility to fulfil its pledge to improve the wellbeing of Nepali migrant workers

Kunda Dixit

Nepal's political economy

The new government's biggest challenge is to save Nepal's economy (and itself) from collapse.

The Nepali people have spoken

Antiestablishmentarianism. That new word has entered Nepal’s political lexicon.Kathmandu has elected a lawyer, Lalitpur a doctor, both women under 35 from the independent...

Sonia Awale

Nepal poll results signal upset

As the results of Sunday’s federal and provincial elections trickle in, there are signs that Nepal’s voters have made their dissatisfaction with the country’s...

After Balen, the Rabi Phenomenon

While mainstream political leaders in Kathmandu were vacillating on a date for the upcoming provincial and federal elections, one Ram Bahadur Biswokarma...

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