Turbulent Currents, Merging Storms

Increasing interconnectedness of transnational conflicts in Northeast Asia creating a volatile situation akin to the Fujiwhara effect

Hugh Miall

Conversation with Mr Conservation

Nepal’s self-made champion for protection of nature now says protect people first

Sonia Awale

Rivers be dammed

Nepal struggles to balance energy and water needs with dams that damage livelihoods and ecosystems

Pinki Sris Rana in Tanahu

Mustang farmer shows what is possible despite government

Migrant returnee from Japan combines thriving apple farm with eco-tourism to create jobs

Kunda Dixit in Mustang

के गर्ने, यस्तै हो

A semi-serious flashback to Nepal's fatalistic culture of national shutdowns

Nepali Times

Leaky roofs on the Roof of the World

Climate breakdown brings rain to once-arid region of Nepal, altering traditional architecture

Anita Bhetwal in Mustang

Ambica Shrestha, 92

Heritage champion, exponent of women’s empowerment, philanthropist and founder of Dwarika’s Hotel, Ambica Shrestha, passed away in hospital on Thursday after a...

Nepali Times

Textbook case of bad textbooks

Grade 9 Social Studies textbooks present a toxic interpretation of the open Nepal-India border

Chandra Kishore

Those were the days

Decades-old archival images by photojournalist Bikas Rauniar of ministers in the new government