Axiata may find breaking up hard to do

Malaysian conglomerate likely to be tied down in court battle with Nepal government over its stake sale in Ncell

Ramesh Kumar

Fossil fuels poison air

Rights group says COP28 should address air pollution, abuses

Hibernating students of the Himalaya

Children from Mustang move down to the warmer climate of Pokhara during the harsh winter of the trans-Himalaya

Durga Rana Magar in Pokhara

The Subcontinent's original people live on in Nepal

Tracing the origin and influence of Nepal's Uranw people who speak the country's only Dravidian language

Sewa Bhattarai

Improving internet governance in Nepal

'The digital world is one of divides.' - United Nations

Sumana Shrestha

Jajarkot: One month after the earthquake

The current status and needs of the survivors of the 3 November quake that killed at least 154

Ramu Kharel and Maggie Doyne in Jajarkot

Nepal municipality registers same-sex marriage

Rural local government follows Supreme Court order after rejection by Kathmandu

Kyle Knight

Long leave the King

Fifteen years after a post-conflict Constituent Assembly abolished Nepal’s monarchy, growing public discontent with the successive governments is fuelling a drive to...

Alisha Sijapati

60 years of Helvetas in Nepal

Regula Rytz, the President of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, a Swiss development organization, visited Nepal from November 21 to 27 to gain a...

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