Cake-mixing ceremony at Soaltee

Like every year Soaltee Crowne Plaza hosted a cake-mixing ceremony to celebrate the joyous spirit of early Christmas on 14 November. Led by the Executive Chef the event was joined by invited guests who mixed varieties of ingredients and spices for the festive cake.

The ingredients included an array of dry fruits like raisins, black currants, prunes, glazed dates, cherries, candid orange, lemon rinds and nuts like cashews, pistachios and almonds. These are mixed with large quantities of liquor, fresh juices and honey. Freshly ground spices are also added and tossed till the fruits and nuts are well coated and stored. Before the arrival of Christmas, these soaked fruits and nuts are mixed with cake batter and baked to a heavenly perfection.


The history of cake-mixing ceremonies dates back several centuries in Europe. The stirring ceremony is part of an age-old Christmas tradition of cake mixing and one making wishes for the New Year. The ingredients of the festive fruit cake are mixed with wine and liquor in advance so that the ingredients can develop an aroma, seasoning and taste. Originally a family affair, it is for many now an occasion to spread camaraderie and goodwill.

Over the years, the cake-mixing event has become a celebratory tradition for Soaltee Crowne Plaza as guests have a wonderful time together while preparing the festive fruitcake.

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