Food and football

It is a great downer when you have to be in the kitchen during a much anticipated World Cup match. You want to watch the exciting game, but you also want a nice spread of snacks to enjoy the games along with. This is the perfect time when a food delivery system comes  handy. Making the lives of football fanatics a little easier, Foodmandu recently launched a World Cup campaign, ‘Cheer Your Team’ with discounts of up to 40%. The campaign allows customers to predict the results of a game after ordering a meal. If your prediction is right, you win a 10% discount voucher along with some points. The contestant with highest number of points at the end of the tournament will get a chance to win a 43” Samsung FHD Smart TV.

“Through this campaign we not only wish to be a part of the football experience, but also offer our customers great deals,” says Manohar Adhikari, Founder of Foodmandu.

Besides the Order. Predict. Win! campaign, Foodmandu also has combo meals and discounted food items. Orders can be placed until 9:30pm. The system currently is cash-on-delivery, but in a few months, online wallet and card systems will be introduced.

Back in 2010, Foodmandu was working hard to get five orders a day. After eight years it now gets more than 400 orders daily for more than 220 client restaurants, and timely delivery has made it reliable.

The total sales of Foodmandu increased by 30% since the World Cup started, and customers have made more than 200 predictions already. The online food site is soon planning to expand its operations in Pokhara.

Value Meals

Bawarchi (Save 24%)

Non Veg combo: 1 Chicken Tandoori, 3 Chicken Rolls, 2 Chicken Biryani, 1 Chicken Chilly


Vootoo (Save 23%)

Newari Meat Platter large


The Crust Pizza (Save 40%)

12” pizza + 8” pizza (varieties available)


Bricks (Save 23%)

50 pieces Chicken Steam mo:mo


KFC (Save 18%)

4 Hot & Crispy, 6 Hot Wings, 8 Boneless Strips Chicken


Lazy Gringo (Save 12%)

3 Nachos


Beverages offer

Black Label (Save 6%)


Chivas Regal (Save 6%)


Jack Daniels (Save 7%)


Khukuri Rum (Save 10%)


Amazing Offers

Empire (Save 10%)

Ostrich Chhoila /Sekuwa/Timur- 250gm


Grilled Ostrich mo:mo


Spanish Veg mo:mo


Genesis (Save 20%)

Chicken Schnitzel Burger

Chicken, Tomato, Guacamole, Lettuce, Wasabi Mayonnaise & Fried Egg


Twice Cooked Pork Belly, Cauliflower Mash, Wild Rocket, Cabbage Relish, & Juniper Jus


French House Restaurant (Save 20%)

Grilled Lamb Chop

Served with saute veg with red wine sauce or cream sauce with sides


Special Veggie Dish

Served with pesto, zuccini, capsicum, egg plant bread crumb & parmesan cheese, sitake mushroom


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