Stopover at the beautiful city of Turkey

Turkish Airlines marks one year of its free stopover service for transfer passengers with a round trip ticket and connection time of 20 hours in Istanbul. In the past year, 14,000 passengers have used this service which covers 19 countries, and will soon add 10 more including China and India.

Ahmet Olmuştur, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Turkish Airlines, said, “We provide our passengers with the opportunity to experience Turkish hospitality and the unique beauties of Istanbul. The positive feedback we received from our passengers throughout the past year has made us very happy."

Of the passengers who were accommodated in Istanbul through the Stopover accommodation service, 62% revealed that they had traveled with Turkish Airlines for the first time, while 73% said the Stopover privilege was an important factor in their preference of Turkish Airlines. Pakistan, Russia, and South Africa were the top three regions preferring the service.

The Stopover accommodation service, started in Pakistan in March 2017 by the flag carrier airline, was expanded in June to include Russia. With the transition to Istanbul’s new Airport completed, the number of transfer passengers visiting Istanbul is expected to rise considerably, making Turkey the world's new aviation center.

To use the Stopover privilege, passengers of Turkish Airlines with a round trip ticket and connection periods of over 20 hours need to issue a hotel cheque after purchasing their tickets. They can have a free one night stay in a 4-star hotel (economy class passengers) or two nights in a 5-star hotel (business class passengers) located in Sultanahmet or Taksim districts of Istanbul.

The goal of the Stopover project is to contribute to Turkish tourism so that the unique beauties of Istanbul can be discovered and the city can become a global hub, and to increase the number of transfer passengers of Turkish Airlines.

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