WorldLink & Facebook Connectivity Express Wi-Fi

WorldLink has partnered with Facebook Connectivity and will use the company’s Express Wi-Fi platform to strengthen and support 7,500 locations out of the 10,000 existing Wi-Fi hotspot locations across Nepal.  The Internet Service Provider has been providing free wireless service to more than half a million customers through 10,000 public hotspots since 2018, and plans to launch Wi-Fi hotspots in 30,000 lesser-connected locations across the country by 2033.

“WorldLink has been a pioneer in deploying public Wi-Fi to bridge the digital divide by enabling internet access to users across Nepal, including in some of the most remote areas.” said WorldLink Chairman/Managing Director Dileep Agrawal.

Commenting on the partnership between the two companies, Facebook Mobile Partnerships  director Karan Khara remarked that high quality internet access is essential to ensuring access to jobs, education, and healthcare. “With the Express Wi-Fi platform, WorldLink will be able to sustainably expand its Wi-Fi coverage in Nepal, enabling more people to get online,” he added.

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