Covid-19 numbers slightly down in Nepal

On Sunday, Nepal reported 7,368 new cases with a slight decline in test positivity rate, which at 37% with 19,883 tests is still much higher than neighbouring India. Kathmandu Valley saw an additional 2,609 coronavirus cases.

Nevertheless, this is the fifth day in a row the country started registering a downward trend in the total number of infections. Although most experts say the numbers are an underestimation. Most of Nepal is under some form of prohibitory orders.

However, daily Covid fatalities continue to stay above 100 even as hospitals see an improving trend on recovery. In the last 24 hours, there were 145 deaths, including the bodies cremated by the Nepal Army whereas 6,648 people were discharged from hospitals.

Vaccination centres on 16 May were better managed to avoid crowding. Pictured here, Kirpitur's vaccination centre. Photos: BHUSHAN TULADHAR/FACEBOOK

With this Nepal’s death roll has surpassed 5,000 and is now at at 5,001. The current recovery rate stands at 74.7%, down from 98% just over a month ago.

Beginning 16 May, Nepal has restarted it vaccination drive with Chinese VeroCell for some 300,000 people in the age group 18-59 who inoculated with the first dose back in April.

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