Two Nepalis held in Hong Kong protest

Two Nepali students caught up in intensifying protests in Hong Kong have been arrested by Police in the former British territory.

Jenny Rai and Rosemary Limbu were arrested during protests on Tuesday to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.  They are reportedly being kept at Hunghom and Cheg Sa police stations. 

The Hong Kong protest against the extradition bill broke out in June with violent clashes with Police using tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray. Many protesters ended up injured.

Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Hong Kong said the students’ families have not been permitted to visit the detainees even after 36 hours. It demanded that the students be treated as per international law, and also encouraged Nepalis to stay away from illegal activities. 

In August, fake notices and death threats were sent to workers from India, Pakistan and Nepal warning them not to take part in protests. 

Earlier in September, MTR chief Jacob Kam was called out for his statement on using Gurkhas as railway enforcers. He said Gurkhas were ideal for the public transport network targeted by protesters because they would be neutral and not understand foul language in Cantonese. The language barrier can develop an advantage in controlling protests, Kam was quoted as saying in the South China Morning Post.

Kam stated, “The Gurkha colleagues’ security work experience and training will make the whole process more efficient and safer for everyone. When we feel the situation requires police assistance, we will ask for it.” 

There are about 80,000 Nepalis living in Hong Kong, many of them descendants of former servicemen in the British Gurkhas.

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