Disastrous preparedness

Nine years after the 2015 earthquake is a good time to begin preparing to be prepared for multi-hazards

The rise of high-rises

Nine years after the 2015 earthquake, Kathmandu has to ask: how safe are the new tall structures

Sonia Awale

Rebuilding better than before

Rohit Ranjitkar’s book is a pictorial documentation of the restoration of Kathmandu’s monuments after the 2015 earthquake

Kunda Dixit

Building back (not) better after 2015

Eight years after the earthquake, many new settlements for survivors are ghost towns

#NepalQuake 8 years later

Commemorating the past and building a green, resilient and inclusive future for Nepal

Anil Pokhrel

Back to classroom for earthquake preparedness

Nepal must use its schools to improve disaster response to save lives in future disasters

Rachael Lau

Concrete lessons of 2015

The reconstruction of private and public buildings damaged in the 2015 earthquake is nearly complete. Now it is time to also focus on being...

Sonia Awale

Concrete planning

On 25 April 2015 at exactly 11:56, the ground beneath Kathmandu Valley started shaking. Houses built on the soft alluvium of the...

Building back better (and stronger) with bamboo

Bamboo, the perennial and plentiful plant, is the next big thing in sustainable construction.For centuries, bamboo had been used for traditional ceremonies...

Step by step for rural health care in Nepal

It is the aftermath of disasters that bring out the best among Nepalis. And so it was after the 2015 earthquake, volunteer groups sprang up spontaneously...