Nepal pushes mountain bike tourism

Adrenaline junkies ride through Himalayan forests at the Enduro Ratnange in Solu

Vishad Onta

Taking the high line

Roadies-winner Saman Shrestha launches slacklining as a new adventure sport in Nepal

Monika Deupala

Pokhara’s paragliders must relocate, but where?

As Pokhara’s new international airport prepares to open by mid-2022, paragliding and ultralight companies that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors a year to...

Cleared to land

2020 was a write-off for Nepal’s tourism, and for Pokhara, the country’s prime destination, it was catastrophic. But guess who have come...

Yak Attack: Single Track Edition 3-time winner, and current 3-time 24-Hour Mountain Bike Race World Champion, Cory Wallace, defends his title, while Nepali Budhi Bahadur Tamang...

Nepal’s female guides prepare for trekking season

Eighty women enrolled in the Nepal Mountain Academy’s training for trekking guides this year, more than double the number last year. No...

Making Nepal accessible to all

The country is making a start in inclusive adventure tourism with disabled-friendly trekking and other facilities

Monika Deupala

Downhill all the way

Nepal has the ideal extreme terrain for mountain bicycle racing

Holy Waters the crowd to Khayer LakeSewa Bhattarai in MyagdiThe Ghorepani-Poon Hill Trek? That is so last century. Now that road access makes...

No city for cyclists its gentle inclines, convenient distances and scenery, Kathmandu had always been an ideal cycling city. Tourists to Nepal in the 1970s...

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