What next for Kathmandu: bottled air?

Something is not working if officials elected to protect the public only protect those who fund them

Anil Chitrakar

When Kathmandu is clear

For a glimpse of what Kathmandu's air used to be like. Or for a hint of what it might be in future...

Air pollution is more dangerous than smoking

Despite public awareness and relentless media coverage, Kathmandu’s air quality has worsened in the past two years. But public outrage does not...

Sonia Awale

Bad Air

A public perception survey among Kathmandu Valley residents conducted last year shows near unanimous agreement that pollution levels are bad and getting worse. The...

Green sticker = green light to pollute owners in Kathmandu need to pass an annual emission test, but many just buy Green Stickers over the counter while some...

Solution to pollution

Air quality across Nepal has been deteriorating over the years. The average PM2.5 (concentration of particles smaller than 2.5 microns) in Kathmandu...

One Atmosphere

When we reduce air pollution, we reduce the impact of climate change

Toxic bubble

Kathmandu is the centre of everything in Nepal: power, administration, public education, tourism, hospitals. Till the late 1970s, the Valley’s built-up areas...

How to clean up Kathmandu’s air

We just need the political will to push solutions through

Anil Chitrakar


The theme of World Environment Day 2019 on Wednesday 5 June is air pollution, and how to reduce it. This is not...

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