Tsherin Sherpa returns home to Takpa

Internationally renowned Nepali artist nurtures young talent to build a vibrant art community

Girl, unbothered

A young artist explores absences through stitch, fabric and photographs, with striking results

Ashish Dhakal

Sketching the chariot of the rain god

For 19 days in May, artist Sushila Singh followed the Rato Machhindranath chariot, its construction from the ground up.She sat, watching the...

Ashish Dhakal

Nepal's new generation of alternative artists

Bikalpa Art Centre (BAC) in Pulchok is an interdisciplinary space onto itself. A cosy complex cloistered by low-hanging trees, it has a...

Ashish Dhakal

The house of Kalapremi

In the centre of the room of the ground floor at Siddhartha Art Gallery, tattooed ceramic female figures stretch languidly astride grazing...

Shristi Karki

The anatomy of a flower

"I can’t help myself when I see flowers,” says botanical artist and illustrator Neera Joshi. “ I have to paint them.”Outside her studio, the...

Shristi Karki

Playing with symmetry and shadow

Sravasti Ghosh Dastidar’s photographic exhibition ‘Soul in Shades’ at Siddhartha Art Gallery was pushed back by one year because of the Covid-19...

Guru Rimpoche in a new light

An exhibition of contemporary art on Padmasambhava does not just revive the legend of the Buddhist guru, but also displays the wide...

Nepali Art going places

Largest ever international exhibition of contemporary Nepali art opens at Weltmuseum Wien

Kunda Dixit

Leaving an imprint

Printmaking is as old as Nepal's history itself, and printmakers have brought fame to the country by winning many  international competitions. For all that, little is known about...

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