One night in Bhadgaon

Go to Bhaktapur for the Bisket Jatra chariot festival and stay overnight

Vishad Onta

Why is the air in Bhaktapur so bad?

Brick kilns, heavy highway traffic and prevailing winds make air quality the dirtiest in Kathmandu Valley

Yale returns Tara to Nepal

The Consulate-General of Nepal in New York on 6 May announced with Yale University Art Gallery in Connecticut the return of a...

Between the lines with Sujan Dangol

The artist shows us the loss of old Kathmandu Valley with his intense drawings of a densely-packed urbanscape.

When the air is clear in Kathmandu

A change in wind direction on Tuesday blew away thick smoke from farm fires and industrial pollution from north India to reveal...

Niels Gutschow leaves home

"Welcome to my playground,” calls Niels Gutschow from the brick-laid front yard of his home in Bhaktapur. At the centre stands the...

Ashish Dhakal

Remembering Robert Powell

Robert Powell’s drawing of the courtyard façade of Kuthu Math in Bhaktapur is a prime example of his singular style: light enters...

Ashish Dhakal

Protesting to protect the right to protest

On 10 October 2020, the #ajhaikatisahane movement went viral on social media and gained attention like we were hoping it would. In the weeks before...

Kathmandu Valley’s Nil Barahi Dyo Pyakhan

More than 500 years after they were first performed, Kathmandu Valley’s tantric dance festivals are seeing something of a revival.The Lichhavi and...

Raining rice

All photos and videos: AMIT MACHAMASIEarly and heavy monsoon rains in Nepal have caused death and destruction, but farmers in Kathmandu Valley...

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