Nepal's hydropower goes international

At Scottish trade fair, Nepali companies showcased their expertise in building hydroelectric plants around the world

Cleaner air, longer lives

Air pollution is reducing the lifespan of Nepalis, and we know how to clean it up

Nepal’s energy policy in 2023 and beyond

A shift to clean energy is long overdue in Nepal, not so much to save the planet but to save our economy

Global crisis, local solutions

Nepal must not wait for rich countries to pledge funds for climate action, we can do a lot on our own

Sonia Awale

Ukraine, Climate, and Nepal

The Russian invasion of Ukraine two weeks ago has been called ‘a war over fossil fuel’ because it has exposed Europe’s dependence...

Sonia Awale

Nepal can lead in zero-carbon

We are at a critical moment for the future of our planet. Temperatures are rising, storms are raging, and crops are failing...

Climate, COVID-19 and China

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the world, some have seen a silver lining in a reported decrease in carbon emissions and pollution levels. However, as...

Giving back to Nepal what Nepal gave to them

Schoolmates who studied at Budanilkantha boarding school in Kathmandu went on for higher studies abroad, some to MIT and Harvard, others to...

Kunda Dixit

Cars before roads in Nepal

At next week’s Power Summit, let us put finally the horse before the cart

Anil Chitrakar

The climate threat multiplier

Most of the recent talk within the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) process and elsewhere has focused on cutting greenhouse...

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