2AM is too late

The migration sector is a zoom lens through which we can examine up close Nepal's socio-economic and political problems through recent history. To a greater...

Had Covid? Beware of Long Covid.

Nepal is seeing the first signs of a second Covid-19 surge even as its vaccination drive is suspended, and as survivors live with ‘Long...

When will Nepal’s Covid vaccine turn come?

With the pre-winter resurgence of Covid-19 around the world and in Nepal, pressure is mounting on governments to procure vaccines to protect...

Sonia Awale


Nepal’s surge of Covid-19 continues unabated  with new hotspots, and because of inadequate testing, no one really knows how much and how fast...

Sonia Awale

Sputnik V vaccine mystery in Nepal

On Tuesday news broke about an agreement between the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and Nepal’s Trinity Pharmaceuticals to import 25 million...

A Covid-19 exit strategy for Nepal

Nepali Times medical columnist assesses ongoing research into diagnosis, therapy and vaccines

Buddha Basnyat

The truth about the chloroquine scam

It is still useful for countries like Nepal to collaborate in international drug trials for COVID-19

Buddha Basnyat

Prevention while searching for a cure

Hand-washing and masks will help Nepal cope with infectious diseases that pre-date COVID-19

Buddha Basnyat

Countries cooperating to find COVID-19 cure

Nepal should be involved in the WHO’s ‘Solidarity Trial’ for a novel coronavirus antidote

Buddha Basnyat