Seeking identity in diversity

New documentary is an intimate portrayal of Himalayan immigrants in a New York neighbourhood

Sonia Awale

In the land of Gross National Happiness

A documentary from Bhutan explores the generation gap and changing gender perceptions as society adapts to modern times

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, the film

A new docudrama about Nepal’s first woman to climb Mt Everest is a tale of discrimination, dedication, triumph and tragedy

How did a Nepali ritual altar end up in Berlin?

When Kathmandu-based filmmaker Deepak Tolange visited the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin seven years ago, he sought out the collection from...

Ashish Dhakal

In the name of the son

Pranay Limbu’s Urmi (उर्मि) opens with the early hours of dawn in Buddha Chok of Dharan. The sky is velvet black, crickets chirp in...

Michael Moore Presents: Planet of the Humans

Free to watch on YouTube, and released on Earth Day on Wednesday, Michael Moore presents: Planet of the Humans, a documentary that...

Film Southasia 2019

Film Southasia is held every two years, and in 2019 the theme of the festival of documentary films says it all: ‘Where...

Moti Bagh

Vidyadutt Sharma, 83, stands in front of his blue-tinted two storey home, looking out into a 360 panorama of the Himalayan mountains....

They shall not grow old

Young and confident faces smile into the camera, eager to enlist in a war that has just broken out after the assassination...

Photo returns to Kathmandu

The third edition of Nepal’s international photography festival is all set to kick off on Friday for a month-long festival of images. As a...

Monika Deupala
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