Why invest in Nepal?

Nepal's investment climate is worsened by political instability, too few laws, and too much red tape

Shristi Karki

Killing investment in Nepal in 10 easy steps

Ahead of the Nepal Investment Summit in April, the sobering account of one biotech entrepreneur

Alternative investments to attract FDI

Nepal has positive macro-economic indicators, but it needs to raise foreign investment levels

Siddhant Raj Pandey

“We are focussed on post-Covid revival of Nepal’s business”

Meet Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar, Chief Executive Officer for Standard Chartered Bank in Nepal. Before arriving in Kathmandu last year, he served as...

Also keeping financially healthy in a lockdown

As we face an unprecedented and precarious pandemic that has caused uncertainty to the entire global economy, Nepal’s own response to it...

Nepal has strong case on Ncell arbitration

The spate of investment treaty arbitrations that have inundated developing countries in recent times has now reached Nepal. At stake is a...

Ncell ruling opens a can of worms

The Supreme Court verdict on Ncell this week has left more questions unanswered

Coming soon: two-way migration to Nepal

No more afno manche or hamro party ko manche, Nepal now needs ramro manche from all over the world

Anil Chitrakar

Going is tough for Chinese investor in Nepal

The Nepal government has hailed its two-day Investment Summit that ended on Saturday as a resounding success with the signing of 15...

“Investing in Nepal is risk free”

Capacity and WillpowerThere are immense opportunities waiting for investment to uplift the living standard of 30 million honest and hardworking people. The...