More equal than others

Nepal is lagging behind in meeting 2030 targets on eliminating hunger and reducing inequality

Food security is national security

Nepal’s checklist for improving agricultural production

Bishow Parajuli

Nepal’s citizen scientists track climate change

The village of Phorste below Mt Everest has the highest number of high altitude guides who have died climbing in the Himalaya,...

The geopolitics of food

Already reeling from child hunger and wars in Yemen and across Saharan and central Africa, the developing world is now bracing for...

Sonia Awale

Nepal less and less able to feed itself

Despite two-thirds of its population dependent on agriculture, and having fertile land ideal for farming, Nepal’s annual food imports are rising exponentially due to...

Karnali’s Covid blues

The news of Covid infections in Karnali do not readily reach the capital. But remote districts in this far-flung region have some...

The pandemic of hunger

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the livelihoods of the most neglected communities in Nepal, with a direct impact on the food intake...

Hunger for governance

Nepal has had one emergency heaped on top of another for more than a year now. The Covid-19 emergency, wildfires, and now floods.Political flux in...

The interface of politics and science

Nepal’s politicians study neither biology nor political science, and we are paying the price during this pandemic

Anil Chitrakar

Coronavirus Nepal Lockdown Month 2

After 50 days what is utterly extraordinary has come to seem normal, the unimaginable is commonplace

Lisa Choegyal
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