Don’t fix what ain’t broke

The government’s proposal to auction tigers for hunting is another gross illustration of greed, incompetence and malgovernance

Conservation vs Conservatives

Nepal’s minister sees national parks as a gold mine, not as an ecosystem to be protected

Fight or Flight

After 7 years and 3 prime ministers, Nepal is preparing to log Nijgad Forest to build another unwanted airport

Kashish Das Shrestha

More pre-monsoon forest fires in Nepal

Government inaction, legal ambiguity, climate change and disregard for traditional knowledge increase wildfire risk

Protecting Nepal's forests from fires

March 2022 was one of the hottest recorded in the Subcontinent. April also saw sweltering conditions in Nepal’s Tarai plains.This is the...

Mini forests to make Kathmandu more liveable

Imagine living next to a tiny forest the size of a tennis court right in the middle of Kathmandu, which makes the...

Sonia Awale

Good COP, bad COP

Just as the deadlocked climate summit in Glasgow was being extended by a day last week, Kathmandu was once again shrouded in smoke and...

Sonia Awale

Will Nepal ever be paid for saving trees?

Last week, the Nepal government signed a carbon trading agreement with the Lowering Emissions by Accelerating Forest Finance (LEAF) Coalition under which...

Off the beaten track

Tucked between the Roshi and Ladku Khola rivers, just ahead of the town of Panauti and Khopasi some 40km southeast of Kathmandu,...

Republic of Nepal’s animal kingdom

When British naturalist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker first made his ecological expedition in eastern Nepal from October through December of 1848, a flock of...

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