More equal than others

Nepal is lagging behind in meeting 2030 targets on eliminating hunger and reducing inequality

Emergencies in Nepal's Emergency Rooms

Hospitals across Nepal need to urgently upgrade their ERs to prepare for disasters and for urgent treatment

Saving to save my sister

This is the 16th instalment of Diaspora Diaries, a regular series in Nepali Times with stories of Nepalis living and working abroad.  I...

Preparing to prepare for monkeypox

Monkeypox cases are increasing worldwide and now with India seeing more infections, public health experts have warned that Nepal needs to be...

Balancing life and death in Nepal

It was a night that Rita Ale Magar says she will never forget. Bhavana, 17, from remote Dumre Dara village walked 2.5...

Sick of it

Belamati Nepali of West Rukum was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and underwent surgery in Lalitpur. Her husband Khadke sold the family livestock...

Taking wealth out of health

Nepal’s medical industrial complex has modernised healthcare in the country, but it has also pushed treatment out of reach of most citizens.Collusion...

Health insurance must be an election agenda

Nepal’s health insurance program is due for urgent reform, or it risks being obsolete

Treating an epidemic of epilepsy in Nepal

It had been three months into Sonam’s marriage that a slight trembling in her hand started. At first, she blamed it on...

Pandemic eclipses Nepal's TB epidemic

Tuberculosis kills many more Nepalis than Covid-19, but prevention, early diagnosis and treatment will save lives

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