Jajarkot: One month after the earthquake

The current status and needs of the survivors of the 3 November quake that killed at least 154

Saving one Nepali mother at a time

Rural Nepali mothers need more nurses like Anju Chaudhary

Altruistic healthcare models in Nepal

A change in Nepal’s ‘giving culture’ holds the key to revamping its healthcare

Nurses ensure nutrition for Nepal’s children

Nurses in Nepal’s public schools do not just take care of medical needs but also ensure that students eat better

Nepali nurses now Britain-bound

The UK has a shortage of nurses, Nepal has a surplus, but both countries need to ensure that recruitment is transparent and fair.

Radha Adhikari

Bringing hepatitis care closer to you

Access to diagnosis and treatment as well as community participation key to eliminating this viral liver disease

Poonam Khetrapal Singh

Sick of it

Belamati Nepali of West Rukum was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and underwent surgery in Lalitpur. Her husband Khadke sold the family livestock...

In a healthy state

Every year, half a million Nepalis fall below the poverty line paying for expensive medical care. Another three million face financial burden,...

Sonia Awale

Either too little, or too much iodine

Goitre was once so endemic in Nepal that it was considered a sign of beauty. Entire villages across northern Nepal that relied...

Sonia Awale

Born by the roadside in Nepal

Nothing could be more symbolic of the misplaced priorities of all three tiers of government in Nepal than the sight of women...

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