From the North Pole to the Third Pole

Himalayan nations can get tips on how Arctic Circle countries cooperated in coping with the climate crisis

Knowing our mountains

Only if we can identify individual peaks will we value and respect the Himalaya

Knowing our mountains

The Himalaya is not just mountains, it is the entire watershed from the plateau to the plains

The climate crisis is a water crisis in the Himalaya

The Himalaya is the largest storehouse of water as ice after the polar regions, which is why it is called the Third...

Sonia Awale

Climate migration is already happening

When reporters want to depict the impacts of the climate crisis, they go to what was once the trans-Himalayan village of Dhe...

Why is it vital to protect the Chure?

The Chure or Siwalik Range is the first of several folds of mountains that rise from Gangetic plains up to the highest...

Dirty snow defrosts Nepal’s mountains

Fine suspended particles in the air have reached harmful levels, and are reducing the average lifespan of people in urban Nepal by...

Here today, gone tomorrow

Final Letter from Base Camp about how the climate crisis is irreversibly re-sculpting the Himalaya

Nepal’s mountains are melting

The development of glacial lakes from receding glaciers, contained by either terminal moraines or bedrock, is commonly linked with global warming since the end...

It is getting hotter on the roof of the world

The Tibetan Plateau is heating up faster than the global average due to climate change, and scientists say this will ultimately reduce...

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