The real cost of Nepal’s second wave

The pandemic makes Nepalis poorer and ruins the economy, but the government has no solutions

Cleared to land

2020 was a write-off for Nepal’s tourism, and for Pokhara, the country’s prime destination, it was catastrophic. But guess who have come...

Nepal open for trekking from 17 October

As a part of its gradual opening up after a six-month Covid-19 lockdown, Nepal’s Cabinet decided to allow domestic flights, intercity buses, hotels...

A Himalayan High

Takashi Miyahara was Nepal’s tourism pioneer who founded Himalayan Kanko Kitatsu and built Hotel Everest View and Syangboche Airfield 50 years ago, and was...

Also keeping financially healthy in a lockdown

As we face an unprecedented and precarious pandemic that has caused uncertainty to the entire global economy, Nepal’s own response to it...

The right path

It is easy to be disappointed by Lumbini. Scruffy, dusty and unbearably hot this time of year, it looks from the outside...

U Thant, Kenzō Tange and the Buddha's birthplace the Burmese Buddhist Secretary-General of the United Nations, U Thant, visited Nepal in 1967 he flew to Lumbini for a pilgrimage...

Kunda Dixit

Gap yah gals in the jungle

Such was the allure of adventure in Chitwan, parents actually paid for their offspring to work at Tiger Tops

Lisa Choegyal

Guiding Nepal’s tourism industry

Bhaktapur and Patan have begun training guides to prepare for a new influx of tourists

Anil Chitrakar

Patan's hidden treasures

Mahendra Shakya had been in Boston for seven years in 1992 when he came across Monk, Householder, and Tantric Priest: Newar Buddhism...

Sonia Awale