Toilet-trained in Nepal

The tactile pavement leads into a reception area inside a cylinder-shaped red brick building. The user pays Rs10, and the staff hands...

A tall order

A white-coated nurse holding a blue and white, half-litre bag of milk stands in front of a small group of mothers seated...

Marty Logan

Hunger for governance

Nepal has had one emergency heaped on top of another for more than a year now. The Covid-19 emergency, wildfires, and now floods.Political flux in...

Pandemic deepens period poverty

Period stigma has long blighted the lives of young women and girls in Nepal, but the pandemic is making things worse. If...

Prevention while searching for a cure

Hand-washing and masks will help Nepal cope with infectious diseases that pre-date COVID-19

Buddha Basnyat

Nepal’s prisons need to be depopulated

Even before the current coronavirus scare, Nepal’s overcrowded prisons were hotbeds for infectious diseases like tuberculosis, typhoid and influenza. But public health...

Covid-19, Nepal and the hygiene hypothesis

Nepal has been spared so far, but it is better to be prepared for the worst

Marty Logan

Keeping nose and throat clean

Nepal has had three months of lead time to study the coronavirus pandemic and behaviours that have been associated with flattening the curve of...

COVID-19 revives Nepal’s WASH drive

Many Nepalis woke up on Wednesday to an early-morning SMS from the Ministry of Health and Population: ‘Let’s wash our hands with...

Sonia Awale

Do not fail students in WASH

Nepal must ensure progress in water, sanitation and health continues, so children stay in school

Marty Logan